Student Referral Program

Refer a student and earn up to $5,000 a month!

We are excited to introduce to you the Student Referral Program. Under this program, the student referrer get paid when they help promote Singapore Education to international students staying abroad or in Singapore.

A referral fee is paid directly to you for:

1) referring a student who successfully enrolled for a course of study in Singapore Education Institution
2) referring qualified candidates who secure a 6 month-internship with a company in Singapore

Your referral will allow us to help the prospective student to achieve his education goals and a world of new opportunities.

How does the program work:

1. You provide us with the name and contact information of someone you know would be interested in our program
2. We will contact the potential student and answer any questions they might have regarding our program.
3. You may also counsel your potential student if you have the knowledge and tell us which school/course the student want to study
4. If the person you refer enrols into one of our partner schools/programs you will become eligible for cash incentives.
For Details of the Cash Incentives and the Terms and Conditions , email us at enquiry@bridge-

Why should you join Our International Student Referral Program

1) Leveraging Your Experience in Singapore

As an international student studying in Singapore, you are in a good position to promote Singapore education to your friends and other students in your own country.

You refer and can assist them in the application process.

2) Lucrative Income

We pay from S$200 to S$2,000 commission for each student referred to us. Please note that commission will be paid 3 weeks after the student make their first year payment.

3) Part time business

Becoming our referrer is a business not employment. Hence you can work during your spare time. You also can find a few partners in your home country to help you.

4) Education in Singapore is easy to promote

Many students in your home country are interested to study abroad and Singapore is a popular study destination because of it offers internationally recognised programs at very affordable cost.

5) Close Partnership with more than 30 Education Institutes in Singapore

By working with us, you can leverage on our strong partnership with more than 30 Education Institutions . Our full time consultants will help you to give good advice and recommendation to the students

6) Marketing Support

Our website: is regularly updated with latest information that referrers can share with their potential students. Each Referrer and their partners are each given a blog link to a student application form. You can get potential students by promoting the blog via Facebook , Linkedin , websites advertising , emails etc . Brochures from colleges and universities are available anytime you require.

7) Full time Consultants

We have full time Consultants following up on all enquiries from your prospective students. In fact we practically do everything from college and university search, assisting in the application process, help in the student pass application and work together with the School to arrange accommodations airport pickup.

Other Benefits

When you become our International Student Referrer you can also refer employees and employers to us to make more income. You can also start your own network of student referrers.

For more details or to attend our weekly preview email enquiry@bridge- or call +65 9698 7777.
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